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Extreme Allergies

“I’d been suffering from extreme allergies (itchy eyes, neck, and throat, sneezing, and constant runny nose) for years. The environmental allergies were bad when I left the house, but far worse when I came home to my dog. Forget about a nice evening with me if you have a cat!

Non-drowsy allergy medications make me feel speedy, and all others make me groggy. It seemed an impossible ailment to fix. My quality of life was severely hurting and I needed help! Thank goodness for Erin!

I started out going to her every week for a month, and every week I noticed a difference. She takes insurance so that helped with the cost (although, even without insurance, it’s a small price to pay for feeling normal again). The big test was this week when I went on vacation and lived with a cat for a couple days. I couldn’t believe it! Not even one sneeze. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Erin. Not only are the treatments saving my life, but the time spent in your care is rejuvenating and relaxing.”