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“Many of us have aches and pains, injuries, or chronic illnesses and have tried conventional medicine to treat them. While traditional avenues of treatment can provide favorable results, many times this means taking the latest pharmaceutical to do so.

Acupuncture is a much safer and less invasive way of achieving pain relief, with a sense of well-being as a valuable side benefit of treatment.

I first tried acupuncture about 6 years ago with mixed results. I did not give up though, feeling there were definite benefits to be had. I just had to find the right provider.

Erin Dietz was recommended by family members who had been treated by her. She has proven to be the right “fit” for me, helping to ease – and eventually banish – pains from arthritis and a knee injury, as well as relief from migraine headaches and neuropathy. She has also treated my husband for headaches and high blood pressure.

Erin is truly committed to the practice of acupuncture. Her enthusiasm for its benefits and her participation in classes and seminars on the latest advancements in the science of acupuncture only instill in her, as a practitioner – and me as a patient – more confidence in her ability to successfully restore good health.

In addition to its use as a tool for the body’s problem areas, acupuncture can also maintain and improve an already healthy body. While I am not as familiar with that side of acupuncture, I know that it exists and that I would not hesitate to seek treatment from Erin. If she can solve stubborn problems like arthritis pain and migraine headaches, I have no doubt she can produce results with relaxation and stress reduction techniques, as well as the many other wellness-related benefits from acupuncture treatments.

I have Erin to thank for banishing painful arthritis from my hands. I could not even carry a plate to the table without feeling pain. That was 2 years ago and the pain has not returned. It is amazing how, using her techniques, she can tell if my diet has been compromised – like eating too many sweets – or that I have am in the “squishy/damp” category and should avoid peanuts, dairy, or whatever I am abusing at the moment! Erin has even handwritten lists for me, like what foods are inflammatory and which are not. Like I said, she truly cares.In summary, I, without hesitation, can recommend Erin Dietz, an acupuncturist with knowledge, commitment and heart.”