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Patient Resources

This is a list of practitioners that I I highly recommend from my own personal experiences and patients experiences.

Naturopathic Doctor – Clarity Seattle
Dr. Tamara Dickson is a wonderful, caring and personable Naturopathic Doctor who enjoys managing complex and chronic conditions in the simplest and most effective ways. She treats a wide range of complaints and every age range. Located right here in Fremont, she is highly recommended!

Medical and Naturopathic Medicine Doctors – Ballard Docs

Dr. Weakland, MD and Dr. Bell, ND are very caring doctors working in Ballard. They are the only practitioners in their office and give you their full attention and expertise. They spend time getting to know you and never make you feel rushed.

Massage Therapy – Vetiver Therapies

Frankie Jurkowski is one of the best massage therapist I’ve worked with. She is no longer taking insurance, but she is worth the price. Make sure to schedule ahead of time because she books up!

Massage Therapy – Bohdi Bodywork
Bodhi Bodywork is a wonderful massage practice in Fremont! The licensed massage practitioners take insurance and my monthly massages from Katirina are something I look forward to each month!

Chiropractic Care – Kinetic Sports Rehab
I recommend Dr. Steven Kaiser, DC to patients whom would like a traditional chiropractic adjustment as well as physical therapy and body work in an integrative treatment plan. Dr. Kaiser is excellent at what he does and very personable.

Tai Chi Classes – Embrace the moon

Tai Chi is a wonderful artform to create balance, stability, and strength. These classes will teach you to move and breathe in a way that allows free flow of circulation and creates a meditative space for body and mind.

 Sensory Deprivation Floating – Float Seattle

I’ve floated at Float Seattle about 12 times and highly recommend it! It’s wonderful to get away from the sounds and sights of your daily grind and spend an hour just floating in space. The staff at Float will take great care of you and are friendly and accommodating. Love this place!

Guided Meditation – Seattle Soto Zen
I believe everyone benefits from meditation. It can be a very difficult process to learn on your own and can be very discouraging. I strongly suggest taking a guided meditation class. This can be especially helpful for depression, anxiety, stress, and a hectic lifestyle.

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